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Actors are insecure by nature. First of all, because we work with our emotions which makes us vulnerable, and also because our job is going to be forever judged by the audience, the directors, the casting directors, etc. Apart from his professional technique, Jorge has the capability to give you the necessary security to face a casting or a new character. And this security allows us to play and take risks in our acting process with all our sensitivity. He loves and respects his profession and that’s why he can listen so deeply to take the best of you. There’s only one “but” with Jorge: he becomes completely crucial in your life.

Itziar Miranda

Jorge was the first one helping me for an autition. It was in Julio Medem’s “Chaotic Ana”. Since then, he's helped me on several occasions. He is very precise and loves working on different takes on the character. He is always trying to discover a clear scope of the character, looking into all the actor’s options.

Manuela Vellés


2009 summer, Palma de Mallorca. Jorge was our Coach for “Un Golpe de Suerte”, a spanish daily tv serie (Tele5 Channel) with a double-shift unit! We still don’t know how he was able to share himself with all of us!!! We really had a great time!!! Thank you, George!!!!

Carmen Morales

Working with Jorge is so comfortable because of his closeness and the security that he offers when it comes to the structuring tasks. He has a gift for being able to see which way to approach the character. He is very hard-working and demanding of himself, and with a preliminary textual analysis he gets a much more productive session, and at the same time his attitude increases your own determination. Jorge as a talented actor is very instinctive and he uses to get the best out of us.

Manuel Baqueiro

Jorge goes with me through the path of finding the tools that I need as an actress. He also keeps an eye on whatever is more interesting for the camera or the audience.

Ona Casamiquela

His acting side is always present, giving you one more option, guiding you. I think it’s interesting to say that he proves to be a great actor… His face speaks for itself in each piece of advice, in each look you can see a locked actor kicking the Coach’s door to get out. Jorge is patient and devoted to his job, with an endless love for his profession always encouraging no matter the level of the actor's experience.

Tony Bernetti

I suffered at the beginning, then I enjoyed myself and finally... I got the part!! Jorge… Kisssssss!!!

Lorena Verdún

Carme Chaparro

Sometimes we need a dose of encouragement and enjoy the work we do. Thank you for those moments… for your expertise and the laughs!

Raquel Meroño

Above all, Jorge is a team-player who will bog you down with academic approaches to acting. He gives you the specific tools to make our work believable even in something as stressful as a daily TV series. Obviously this is what you expect from a Coach, but Jorge has the necessary skills and passion to say whatever is required to say without hurting anyone… bearing in mind how sensitive we can be, this is key.

Aníbal Soto

The best about Jorge’s work is that he never censors the way you act and contributes to improve this acting, giving you different viewpoints so that you can choose any of them. He can do this stringing together precisely in a totally relaxed atmosphere where you won’t feel judged. On the contrary -he gives you a great security.

Ana Ruiz

We've known each other for a long time, so we probably have our own unique way in together. Jorge is very conscientious and makes the most of time of the sessions with precise and clear instructions. The best of him is that he makes me trust in myself to face the work.

Miguel Uribe

Intense, precise and efficient. We spent a three month period recording together and in spite of everything –he's fantastic.

Bárbara de Lema

We coincided in “Un Golpe de Suerte”, a TV series for Telecinco. Very profesional, good acting worker, clear explanations, precisely marked objectives bearing in mind that it was a daily series and we had no time. A great Coach, he helped me a lot with my first leading role on TV.

Raúl Mérida

In just an hour he improved my initial acting proposal, as well as he recorded it I was able to see the improvement. His instructions and the atmosphere of confidence that he creates, makes you work faster and more efficiently.

María José Hipólito

Working with Jorge is easy and the coaching result is right on the mark. A real pleasure!

Mario Sánchez

He is an easygoing person with very clear ideas and he knows how to show them on you. A great help when facing hose stressful, nervous moments.

Aloma Romero

Jorge helped me to gain confidence in myself, to be relaxed and opened and to see more clearly which the character's behavior should be in those circumstances.

Borja García Truchado